Who We Are

Who We Are

A company dedicated to the sheep meat trade since 1972.

Specialising in sheep meat

Distributing nationally and internationally

Products primarily from the region

Excellence in quality and customer service

Our backstory


Juan Monfort and Encarna Susín moved to Vencillón and built a farm for fattening animals, a small slaughterhouse and a butcher's shop, starting to sell meat from their own animals.


Monfort begins to work in the wholesale business, selling goats and mutton across Aragon and Catalonia.


Their children then join the company, providing the family business with new blood and specialising in trading mutton nationally and internationally.


Carnes Monfort runs its own Slaughterhouse.


The company wins the "Company of the Year 2011 First Prize" and the "PAJARITO DE ORO" award from the Altoaragón newspaper El Diario.


An ambitious plan is launched to expand the facilities, automate the processes and improve services.


Halal Guarantee from the Muslim Council:

Compliance with Quality standards for the Halal product certificate for national and international markets; in addition, excellence in food safety and quality.

Official veterinary certificate for meat exportation:

Compliance with the requirements for specific self-control systems certification for the export of MEAT and MEAT products to third countries under RD 993/2014, authorised by Bureau Veritas.

Ministry of Health Registration:

European Health Registration Certificate from the Official Veterinary Service at the Government of Aragon, Spain.

Work philosophy and values

  • We provide assistance and experience
  • Approachable and professional
  • Commitment and integrity
  • Enthusiasm and passion
  • Endeavour and perseverance
  • Teamwork
  • Contribution towards sustainable rural development
  • Firm belief in R&D&I